Drainage Problems Reporting

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Our process to report your drainage problems is quite simple, follow these easy steps to getting your drains and blockages resolved in super quick time.

  1. Assess the problem first, is the blockage from inside your property? Bathroom, Sink or Shower? Or is the issue outside your property? In a public area or shared communal space? Does the problem seem to be underground? Is there water lying on the surface or is water overflowing from the inspection chamber/manhole?
  2. Has this drainage problem occurred before? Has it been on-going?
  3. Call Aquablast Drains and let us know your drainage problems/issues of your blocked drains.
  4. Our receptionists will inform you of the next available time/day to inspect and rectify your problem.
  5. Our drain unblockers will arrive and solve your drainage issue.


Personal Safety First

If you intend on trying to unblock the drain yourself:

Before tackling the blockage yourself, make sure you stay safe by wearing full protective clothing (this includes gloves, goggles and overalls). Always remember to remove and wash your protective clothing after you’ve finished work.

Drain Rods

How to use drain rods to clear blockages.

We strongly recommend NOT to use borrowed rods to clear drain blockages as they can cause serious damage to the pipes that leads to a larger job to replace underground pipes.


drain unblockers help

Preventing future blockages: Monitor your drains

If you inspect your drains regularly, you should be able to catch the start of any minor blockages before they get worse in future.



Dispose of your waste correctly

Remember to dispose of your rubbish in the correct manner. NEVER flush away items such as face wipes, nappies or even cotton wool, as these are likely to block your drains, dispose of them in a proper bin.



Rinse plates/pans before loading your dishwasher
Always rinse plates and cutlery before loading your dishwasher. Any excess food will end up in your drains and could build up to cause a blockage.


Responsibilities for drains and sewers

Find out your responsibilities as a homeowner or occupier and who to contact if you experience a problem with a public drain or sewer.

  • Drains
    Homeowners and occupiers are generally responsible for their property’s drains, up to the property boundary. Your home insurance may cover you for some drainage problems, double-check this.
  • Sewers
    Public and private sewers are the responsibility of waste and sewerage companies and not private homeowners or occupiers. You should contact your water company if you encounter a problem.
  • Reporting a blocked drain
    If a neighbour’s drain is overflowing and the water has leaked into your home, contact your local council who’ll advise you on what action to take.


If you have an urgent problem with water, drains, DON’T PANIC, a quick phone call will start the process to resolving your issue, we are OPEN 24 Hours a Day.


FREEPHONE : 0800 097 8255

W-s-M: 01934 824 355

BRISTOL: 0117 327 0061

EMAIL ADDRESS: office@aquablastdrains.com

TAUNTON: 01823 390 029

CLEVEDON: 01275 350 048

WELLS: 01749 950 085



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