Drain Jetting

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Drain Jetting

Whether drain jetting works on blockages or not depends on the type and severity of the blockage. The usual answer is that it will be enough to clear your drains and get things back in working order.

What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting is the process of using powerful water jets to flush out debris. Substances like oil and build-up from the inside of pipes, along with foreign bodies, can compact in pipes and drains. Powerful jets can break up these compactions and push them down the system. This means things can get moving again.

Often, drain jetting works wonders. It’s our most commonly used method of clearing blocked drains. This is great news for everyone, because not only is it usually effective, it’s also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It’s far better to treat and clear drains and pipes with water alone and avoid toxic chemicals.

We clear drains by using a long hose with a heavy-duty jetting nozzle. A bit more sophisticated and powerful than the kind you use to jet-wash your patio every spring, these hoses are also super long and flexible. They can be fed for many meters down the drains to reach much further than rods. These hoses can also easily go round the bends and twists found in drainage systems.

How does drain jetting work?

The water is forced through the jets with a powerful pump. The stream of water is so powerful that even tough blockages like tree roots that have grown into pipes can be blasted away. Usually, the build-up of organic matter, fat and grease blocking your pipes will stand no chance against the power of the jet.

Will drain jetting work for me?

There aren’t many blockages that won’t respond to drain jetting. Most will respond at least partially. Some very large or extensive blockages may take multiple treatments to fully break down the blockage. But this is rare. Water jets were used to break down even the giant fatberg blocking an entire sewer within the Bristol drainage system – so if it’s good enough for a fatberg, it’s good enough for domestic drains.

Unlike other potential remedies, drain jetting is also unlikely to make things worse. It’s always a great place to start. Sometimes there might be bigger drainage issues, but once a blockage has been broken up by the jets we can diagnose these using other methods. Like our CCTV drainage surveys.

If your pipes are backing up, you can usually safely assume it’s some kind of blockage. If there’s a substance standing in the way of your drains, drain jetting will usually be able to get rid of it pretty painlessly. Drain jetting is a fast, fixed price solution to most drain blockages.

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