What is a drainage CCTV survey?

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What is a drainage CCTV survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a really useful tool we use to easily identify drainage problems, and survey for potential problems. 

What is a CCTV drain survey and why do you need one?

Basically, a CCTV drain survey is a way to visually inspect your drainage system. This means we can get a live view of your drains using a sophisticated CCTV camera.

There are many reasons you might need a CCTV survey of your drainage system. You could order one when purchasing a new home, or when you’re suffering from drainage issues. A survey can pinpoint any problem areas and diagnose the action that needs to be taken to fix them.

How is a CCTV drainage survey carried out

When you book a CCTV drainage survey, a skilled technician will come out to your home with all the tools and equipment needed. These include:

A waterproof CCTV camera – this is what feeds back the live footage of your drains to our screens. The engineers use this visual data to provide instant feedback to you about what’s happening in your drains.

Drain rods – these push the cameras through your drains, and enable the engineers to manoeuvre the camera.

Crawlers – remote-operated crawlers are like robots that can move through the sewer system without the need for rods.

Sonar units – where there’s no visual access, sonar units can provide acoustic profiling to give an idea of pipe condition.

During your CCTV drain survey, the camera will be inserted into your drains by the engineer. They will observe the visual feedback and look for problems. During this process, any blockages found will obscure the visuals. So, the engineer will clear the blockages using jetting techniques. Afterwards, the engineer will take photos of the drains, and identify any damage or issues.

The findings will be reported back to you in a formal report that outlines the exact conditions of your drains. This report will detail any issues discovered, along with any repairs that are suggested.

If it’s appropriate, action can be taken there and then to unblock drains. If the work needed is more complex, an appointment can be made for a later date.

What can CCTV drain surveys find?

Any and all kinds of problems can be discovered during a CCTV drain survey, including:


Our engineers will try to clear minor blockages, but sometimes severely blocked drains will need more extensive treatment.

Leaks or burst pipes

Any cracked, fractured, leaking or burst pipes will be visually identified, photographed and reported back to you.

Pests or animals

We have found all sorts of animals who have found their way into the drainage system. Rats are the main obvious culprit, of course. But we have discovered hedgehogs, foxes, ducks, birds, snakes and even household pets like cats.

Root ingress

Roots from trees and shrubs can cause serious destruction underground. Strong roots can easily break their way into pipework and drains, causing leaks and blockages.

Collapsed drains

Collapsed drains, or even corrosion that’s on its way to becoming a collapsed drain, are serious issues that require prompt attention.

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