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Root Cutter

Aquablast Drain Cleaners have a new Spider Cutter, it’s much better than a regular drain rodding tool, we let it loose on a drain cleaning job recently, the results were amazing. This new double cutter, nicknamed “The Spider,” features both front and rear blades. Cutting starts as the cable feeds into the pipe line — and continues as it retracts. It doubles our chances of removing stubborn blockages, stoppages and does a more thorough cleaning job.

We now have two Spider models — the Double U-Cutter and the Double Heavy Duty Side Cutter. And each comes in 3- and 4-inch sizes. The Double U-Cutters can also be adapted to sectional machines — or to other brands of cable-type drain cleaners.

Jet Wash to remove Drain Roots

Powerful Jet Washers are a safe way to prevent further damage

Drain Rodding Good Enough?

Tree routes and underground rooting is a major cause for drain damages that relate to collapsed drains, breaks in pipe lining and therefore prevention is so much better than cure. Rather than calling out a drain cleaning company that offers general “Drain Inspections” with rods, you’d be better calling a business with the proper equipment and tools that do the job right for your visit. Sewers and main drainage systems need proper clearing to prevent further problems or re-occurring issues.

Aquablast have many different types of cutters to handle all of your drain rodding needs — from starting tools like our Arrow Head and Spearhead, to finishing tools like the U-Cutter or Heavy-Duty Saw Blades, to specialty cutters like the Root Ripper. All of our cutters are available to use on your call-out jobs or inspections with our connectors to match drum-type or sectional machines, or to match our other brands of drain cleaning machines that are regularly used to resolve your blocked drains.

Drain Rodding after an inspection

At Aquablast Drains we are always testing out the latest root cutting equipment.

With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated team specialise in both domestic and commercial drain cleaning, blocked drains, high pressure jetting, toilet sinks and drains unblocked, drain rodding, drain re-lining, problem pitch fibre pipes (no digging required) drain repairs, drain replacement, root cutting and drain CCTV surveys.

Our trained engineers guarantee a fast and reliable service for all your drain problems.

We are a family run drain company who pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We offer a 24/7 service, should you require it, along with a complimentary quotation if required.

Based in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, Taunton and the surrounding areas.

For more information: please contact Aquablast Drains or visit http://aquablastdrainservices.co.uk

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